National Convention of SPICMACAY in Guwahati


Sambandh, a six-day long residential National Convention organized by SPICMACAY, to be held in Guwahati, at the Royal Group of Institutions from 24th – 29th Dec. 2013.It is aimed at personal enrichment and national bonding through the medium of India’s rich classical heritage, folk traditions, yoga, Intensives, inspirational talks and National integration themes. Over 700 participants from all the States and Union Territories and delegates from abroad are expected to participate in this cultural kumbha-mela.

The core agenda enshrined in the National Convention would be manifold: namely, to inculcate a sense of service in a truly voluntary spirit, to be custodians and torch-bearers of our priceless culture and heritage, to appreciate and internalize the subtle values and spirituality enshrined in the arts and above all to inspire the young to be better human beings and devoted citizens.

The National Convention will showcase the traditional arts, music and heritage and will feature some of the living legends and icons of India like Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Rajan Sajan Mishra, Begum Parveen Sultana, Ustad Bahauddin Dagar and others. The Convention aims to provide a glimpse of India's composite heritage to the youth. More than 750 school and college students from around the country and abroad are expected to experience the age-old ashram jeevan during this Convention which will also expose them to Naadayoga, Hathayoga, meditation, workshops with famous Gurus of different art forms, concerts in the evening, including overnight concerts, cinema classics, folk arts, crafts workshops by master crafts persons, heritage walks, talks by eminent persons etc.

Students will have to bear only their travel expenses to reach Guwahati and back, while all other requirements like local stay, local transportation, food etc. will be looked after by the hosting chapter. A number of young people from different parts of the world are expected to experience this opportunity to get a life-long Inspiration.

While there is general dissatisfaction with the fall in moral standards of both young and the old and disenchantment with the utter disregard to moral values witnessed in personal and public life, there has been no concerted attempt on the part of the society to address itself squarely to the problem of value education. SPIC MACAY, through its Vision 2020, aims to reach out to every child of the country and have him experience the inspiration and mysticism embodied in our rich and composite heritage. SPIC MACAY is committed to reach out to 17 lakh institutions in the country with this mission.

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