World Dance Series-2013:Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter
Date:- 28 March,2013
Principal/Head of the Management    
SPIC MACAY is a voluntary non-profit movement founded in the year 1977 by dedicated academicians and students. It seeks to conserve and promote Indian culture and introduce the rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry to the youth of this country. Through focus on the classical arts, with their attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy, SPIC MACAY seeks to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler meaning and values. Classical Indian music and dance carry with them generations of wisdom dating back to antiquity. We hope that the beauty, grace and wisdom embodied in them will become an integral part of a student’s life and inspire them to become a bettaer human being.

We would like to invite you for our first International Convention going to be held in IIM,Kolkata from 20 to 26 May,2013. Detail is available at www.spicmacay.com.,SPIC MACAY, Chittorgarhwould start World Dance Series-2013 from 14 April to 01 May, 2013. This is an annual series, comprising various modules as above. The details of the artistes are written below.

Support Money
14 April
Ms. Deba Priya & Ms. Suchi Smita
Flute Recital
Rs. 10,000/
23 April
Ms. Bimba Devi
Manipuri Dance
Rs. 10,000/
24 April
Sh. Tejendra Narayan Majumdar
Sarod Recital
Rs. 10,000/
26 April
Sh. Amaljeet
Kathkali Dance
Rs. 10,000/
1 May
Ms. Mahua Shankar
Kathak Dance
Rs. 10,000/

Please find enclosed the Consent Form which can be filled and sent to us. We hereby invite your esteemed institution to take part in the meeting. It would be a pleasure to have your institution as a part of our family. It would help us take this movement far and wide. We will wait for your reply, if it is possible to have a table talk, let us know in couple of days please.Looking forward to seeing you.Thanking You. Yours sincerely,

  Dr. A. L. Jain

Harish Laddha
WDS-2013 Convener

                Chittorgarh Chapter:-E-mail:draljain@gmail.com, Blog- http://spicmacaychittorgarh.blogspot.in/

Consent Form
The Institution intending to partner in the VIRASAT 2012 will have to give an undertaking in the following format:

We commit that we shall not make any changes in the date, time, venue and module(s) once the programme is fixed and announced by SPIC MACAY by any mode of dissemination or once the information is communicated to the press. We would like to be a part of the VIRASAT 2012 series and organize the module(s) tick marked below. We agree to abide by the norms and responsibilities prescribed in the SPIC MACAY- Responsibility Booklet 2012.

Convenient Date(s):

Student Representative
Faculty Representative


Tel/Mob No. (Best time to contact)

Email Address

Key excerpts from the Responsibility Booklet:

  1. The institution undertakes the responsibility of picking and dropping the artistes.
  2. For workshops the number of students expected is about 30-50. The duration of the workshops module can be made longer.
  3. The cinema classics module requires a projector. The institution is expected to possession of this.
  4. SPIC MACAY programs are free and open for general public. The Institution will facilitate the participation of those who agrees to abide by the institution’s code of conduct.

Name of the Principal/Dean/Director: __________________________________________________
Institution’s Address, Telephone No and Email address: ___________________________________
Signature and Seal of the Principal/Dean/Director: _______________________________________