Celebrating Spirit of “Nishkaam Seva”


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Law of Nishkaam Karma (Excerpts from page 15 & 16 of Chintan)

Newton’s 3rd law of motion states - for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Conversely, there is law of “Nishkaam karma “– it says that for every action in which there is no embedded expectation, there is a reaction that is far greater than the action. This comes from a source other than which is being acted upon. Newton’s third law can be experimentally proved while the law of “Nishkaam Karma” can be proven experientially. Check out things through experience. It is a very powerful mechanism for validating the truth. Do put 10% of your time & money on something from which you do not expect anything & watch the beautiful results.

True voluntary work is a fine example of this law of Nishkaam Karma. People involved with such work have to face many difficulties but, over a period of time, they start emitting a glow that no money can buy. Mahatma Gandhi believed that whatever he possessed including his body, mind & spirit was held in trust for the benefit of society. He considered himself the trustee & never felt as an owner. If we can involve even a small part of this concept in our lives by contributing in true voluntary spirit to any positive effort, we can experience a joy that words cannot adequately describe. True Seva is considered to be carried out by an individual only when s/he has undergone some physical pain/discomfort and sacrifice. True service cannot be carried out in a state of chaos.

Objectives of initiative

In order to strengthen the Nishkaam Seva (NS) & voluntary character of our movement, all activities of year 2012-13 are being dedicated to the Spirit of ‘Nishkaam Seva or Volunteerism’. The objectives of this drive are:-
(a)  To acknowledge each and every volunteer of SPIC MACAY spread across the length & breadth of India and abroad.
(b)  To expand the volunteer base of SPIC MACAY across the country.
(c)  To revive & inculcate the spirit of Nishkaam Seva or volunteerism in society by setting an example.

Recommended to Action Plan

Celebrating the Spirit of Nishkaam Seva – All chapters are requested to  add this line in all the publicity material e.g. posters, newspaper ads, banners, hoardings, invitations, stationery, etc.

Celebrating 02 Oct 2012 as Nishkaam Seva Day - In partnership with CII’s initiative India@75, Gandhi Ji’s birthday (2nd October) will be celebrated by all chapters as Nishkaam Seva Day. As a prelude, curtain raisers will be held a fortnight in advance and various activities will be carried out by all the chapters. .

Nomination of Nishkaam Seva (NS) Coordinator – Every State/Chapter is requested to nominate Senior Student volunteer as NS Secretary, whose accountability can be categorised as induction/orientation of new volunteers & retention /sustenance /nurturing of old volunteers. Broad guidelines of this accountability are as follows:-

(a)  Create a data base of Volunteers in the region with details of Name, residential address, contact details (mobile/landline), email-id, occupation, Birth date, Anniversary date, area of interest, etc.
(b)  Schedule regular orientations in educational institutions with more stress on volunteerism.
(c)  Create a slot (talks, VIP ppt, sharing, etc) on  Nishkaam Seva in the weekly meeting.
(d)  Link up through Skype on Wednesday from 12:15 to 2 pm & on Saturdays from 3 to 5 pm for the weekly meeting in Delhi.
(e)  Ready dissemination of relevant information on SPIC MACAY activities & spirit.

Recommended actions by each chapter

(a)  Special Announcement to be made before & after every event to enrol
more volunteers from the audience.Each chapter to announce in regional language also with special emphasis on volunteers from rural areas.

(b)   Mechanism to reach out & capture data of potential volunteers :-
(i)            Visitors register to be kept at every event.
(ii)          Follow up mechanism through Emails/phone calls etc.
(iii)         Process to invite them for weekly meeting.
(iv)         “One- on- one” mentoring/supporting system.
(v)          Wishing and extending warm greetings on birthdays & anniversaries.

(c)  Special posters/cut-outs/talks :-
(i)            Print new posters highlighting this aspect.(New posters are being designed & printed.)
(ii)          Conduct a poster competition in all state convention/Natcon.
(iii)         Talks by eminent & appropriate speakers ( e.g. Aruna Roy ji, Anna ji, Prashant Amte ) on this theme in each State/ National Convention, Virasat, RSI, NASCOM & NE meetings NSI, NATCON

At Individual level, each volunteer is requested to share his/her experience of being a volunteer unabashedly. It is only through individual sharing that one can inspire & enrol another human being.

After the new comer experiences great maestros and high art he is usually moved to offer some service towards the upkeep of his heritage. It may be best to guide him at that very juncture as to how he can contribute meaningfully in any way which he can. A new volunteer needs to be taken care of over a period of time and gently induced into the culture of SPIC MACAY.

New Initiatives  

Exclusive episodes of “Satyamev Jayate” TV programme   

Mr Aamir Khan, famous film star is being approached to dedicate an episode each to the spirit of Nishkaam Seva/ volunteerism and Indian Heritage (dying art forms, etc).

An exclusive episode of “Kaun Banega Crorepati” TV programme  

Mr Amitabh Bachchan is being approached through Mr Siddharth Basu (Producer of KBC and SPIC MACAY supporter ) to incorporate a component of questions from different aspects of Indian Heritage in each episode of KBC.

Special Booklet “Arpan”

A special booklet dedicated to the spirit of Nishkaam Seva / volunteerism is ready to be released soon on 2nd October 2012. The  sole objective of this booklet is inspiring each & every human being reading it to contribute to society. Ms Madhavi Puranam, Managing Editor of reputed Journal on classical dances ”Nartanam “ has kindly agreed to be the honorary editor.

Special Logo& Punch-line

Efforts are on to design a special logo & punch line for this initiative, which will appear in all publicity material like letterhead, voucher, receipt, invitation card, yellow passes, poster, banner, hoarding, newspaper advertisement, activity chart, India map, Vision 2020 pamphlet, website, Social media (Facebook, Orkut etc), etc. 

Any suggestions on the above are most welcome.

Ricky Srivastava