Important Material for Principals regarding SPIC MACAY Activites

Society for the Promotion of  Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth
Regd Office: 41/42, Lucknow Road, Delhi 110 054, www.spicmacay.com , spicmacaym@yahoogroups.com

Principal Meet-2012

·        About Beginning of SPIC MACAY

An idea originates and finds someone through whom it can manifests itself. That fortunate someone, experiences during the birth process, a feeling which is beyond description. Imagine for a moment that you are witnessing the creation of the universe.The “big bang” of SPIC MACAY came in 1972 at a concert of Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar and Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. After a few sporadic concerts (notable amongst them was that of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan) at Columbia University, New York, under the aegis of the India Club of Columbia University during the period 1972-76, the idea took a more defined direction in 1977 in India. However in 1979, a two-day programme again at IIT Delhi of Ustad Bismillah Khan, Dagar Bandhu, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Ustad Sitahid Parvez turned out to be a marginal success. MEFYS( Mechanical Engineering Final Year Students) organized the programme. It was at this programme that the name SPIC MACAY was first launched and the aim expressed was not to fight Westernization but the process of deculturisation.

·      Heritage Train
Its Our pleasure to announce a Heritage train to showcase this generation some best of our living culture and heritage on tour. The train will go through some of the major locations of Rajasthan & Gujarat to inspire us with the rich living traditions as well as the history.SPIC MACAY in association with IRCTC ( a division of Indian Railway ) has planned a 9 days/9nights Heritage Trip for school students. Its open for both Boys and Girls, but there will be separate coaches for both the genders in the train. The trip will start from Delhi on 28th September and will arrive back in Delhi on 7th October. Students of Classes VI to XII are eligible for this trip. There is a nominal registration fee of Rs. 1000/- per student for the whole trip, which include train travel (non a/c, Ex - Delhi ) , food, Dharamshala + Guest Houses, Guides at heritage sites, local transport by buses etc.

Itinerary OF JOURNEY :
Start of Journey – Delhi,Ajmer -Abu Road (Mount Abu) -Dwarka -Somnath + Gir Lion Sanctuary -Ahmedabad + Sabarmati Ashram -Lothal (Mohenjo-Daro site) -Udaipur + Nathdwara + Haldi Ghati -Chittaurgarh (fort and palace) -Back to Delhi - End of journey.Each school can send around 25-30 students and 1 teacher. Please send entries by 30th August latest on following email id:heritagetrainsm@gmail.com,

For any query, please contact: Mr. Harsh Narayan, Tour Head: 9350 2320 53,harshnarayan@yahoo.com

·       Membership Abhiyaan

We would like to request you to be member of this movement and after being member please do support such good activities for the sake of our youth generation. Although there is no necessary to be member for participation in the movement.

Members can participate in such activities also

1.     State Convention
2.     National School Intensive
3.     National Convention
4.     Rural Convention
5.     Get Together
6.     General Body Meeting
The membership fee is based on yearly basis that is Rs. 200/- for others and Rs. 50/- for students (College/School)

·       SPIC MACAY Unites in Educational Institutes
We would like to request you all institutional heads to form one sub chapter type unite in your Sansthan for all types of activities of SPIC MACAY. There should be some office bearers. We will always try to make more work from the student side so that they may got direct experiences through this movement.

Office Bearers may be
1.     Patron: Head of The Institute
2.     Coordinator : Interested Faculty Member
3.     President : Senior Student
4.     Secretary: Junior Student
5.     Jt. Secretary: Senior Student

Duties of Office Bearers
1.     Coordinating SPIC MACAY Activities in their own Institute.
2.     Participating in Deferent Conventions
3.     Participating in Heritage Walk
4.     Participating in Planning Meeting

You may form at your earliest and if possible please do send details of the formation of the sub chapter cum SPIC MACAY Unite.

·        All India Festival of Cinema Classics-2012

Please see below the list of Cinema Classics which can be screened during the All India Festival of Cinema Classics from 9th July onwards. Please forward this information to as many people as possible and share this information. We have to make this series successful. Also find attached the list of Cinema Classics with the brief synopsis; and a pdf file of Plots of Satyajit Ray's films.
Satyajit Ray (Bengali)

Pather Panchali
Apur Sansar
Sonar Kella

Kurosawa Akira (Japanese)

Seven Samurai
Throne of Blood

Ritwik Ghatak

Komal Gandhar
Meghe Dhaka Tara

Charlie Chaplin

City Lights
The gold Rush
Modern Times
The Great Dictator

Frederico Fellini

La Strada

Ingman Bergman

Wild Strawberries
Seventh Seal
Autumn Sonata
Shyam Benegal

Making of the Mahatma

Vittorio DeSica

Ladri di Biciclette

·       SPIC MACAY Modules

1.    Performing artistes: We will provide 4 artiste/ 4 Concerts in a year for just support of Rs. 15000/- (Classical/Folk Dance, Vocal, Instrumental)
2.    Workshop Module: We will provide all types of artistes from all art forms and crafts for contribution of Stay, Travel and Food facilities. We will give the artistes payment from SPIC MACAY. Art Form may be
·         Art form may be all like classical dances, vocal, painting, writers, theatre, calligraphy, handy craft
3.    Workshop-Demonstration for Government School (from Class 6-12 ): 30 minutes Workshop and 35 minutes demonstration on recorded music.(This program is tied up with Rajasthan Government)
4.       Art Form Adaptation: You may adopt one art form for your own institute like Kathak Kendra……so..And so…institute…For this module we will provide good artistes of National level. There will be two workshop day for continues six days in a month. There will be a prescribed course. In this workshop you can charge payments fee from students. Students from other institutions may take part in evening workshop that will be the second workshop of each day. All the expanses should be beard by you. SPIC MACAY will not see in the details of money either you make take profit from this module. Only thing the banner will of SPIC MACAI in collaboration.

Chittorgarh Chapter Committee:President:Dr.A.L.Jain, Coordinator:J.P.Bhatnagar, Secretary:Manik,Vice President:Dr.Vibhor Paliwal,Treasurer:Raju Lal Teli,Publicity Coordinator:Ritu Sharma, Press Secretary:Krishna Sinha, Vollunteership Building:Ashralesh Dashora, M.L.Dakot
Advisors: Dr. M.B.Baxi, O.S.Saxena. Rev. Anil Jacob, S.K.Sharma, B.D.Kumawat, , Anurag Zindal,Harish Laddha