स्पिक मैके में क्या करें और क्या न करें

 DOs and DONTs

A) Pre Concert

  1. Call up and meet the artist.....check up residence of artist so that no confusion on concert day
  2. Find out who the accompanists are (exact names and contact nos)....call them as well
  3. Fix up with the artist the time of pick-up (if the concert starts at 6.00 pm, the artist should be there by 5.00 pm, so work backwards accordingly)
  4. What car for pick-up
  5. Where accompanists need to be picked up from
  6. Sound requirements of the artists (no of mikes, any special requirements, etc)
  7. Explain the venue to the artist (eg : hall is on the third floor, no lifts, concert is in the open, etc)
  8. Biodata of the artist and the accompanists, photo of the main artist for your poster
  9. Give official invitation to the artist
  10. Green room requirements (eg : tea without sugar or no fried snacks, etc)
  11. Tanpura requirements

B) Sound System

  1. Call up sound guys RIGHT AWAY
  2. Suggested names Raju Dabholkar (24376729 / 9820282781)
                              Prashant Chopdekar (5647508 / 9820135657)
they charge between 1700 to 2000 rs + taxi charges...these are special rates for SPIC MACAY
  1. Tell sound guys to come atleast one hour in advance
  2. Tell them who the artist is and what are the special requirements
  3. If the institute is using its own sound system, it should be of performance quality and should be checked in advance.

C) Green Room

  1. Close to the stage
  2. Dhurries on floor covered with clean white sheets
  3. Water bottles and clean glasses
  4. Tea, coffee, snacks
  5. Clean, well lit, fan
  6. Agarbattis (check with vocalists if OK)
  7. Hangars and mirrors (especially for dancers)
  8. Clean toilets, adjacent
  9. One or two students only in the green room
  10. Footwear outside
  11. Minimal decoration, no fuss.

D) Stage

  1. Clean stage
  2. Raised platform
  3. HARD SMOOTH surface
  4. No gaddis
  5. Dhurries covered with clean white sheets
  6. Water bottles and clean glasses
  7. No footwear on stage
  8. ONLY SPIC MACAY logo behind the artist...no other banners
  9. For dance, the raised platform should be on the left hand side (while facing stage) of the stage…for the musicians

E) Audience

  1. Open to all
  2. Indian baithak style
  3. Dhurries spread
  4. Footwear outside, preferably a token system so that there is no confusion

F) Concert

  2. Artists on stage
  3. Compere speech
  4. No other speeches
  5. Concert
  6. Thank you speech by compere
  7. Gifts to artists
  8. About next programme

G) Gifts

  1. Gifts to all artists on stage
  2. Not very expensive
  3. Artistic, aesthetic or utilitarian items

H) Publicity

  1. Adequate publicity in own and nearby colleges
  2. Ensure attendance of ATLEAST 100 students
  3. Make GOOD POSTERS with photograph of artist, with brief description of artist and art form

I) Photographs

  1. Photos of artists in green room
  2. Photos of artists with students
  3. Photos of artists on stage with SPIC MACAY logo in the background (while tuning)
  4. Photos of artists performing (without flash)
  5. Photos of artists being felicitated by teachers/principals
  6. Photos of sponsor banners
  7. Photos of any special decorations (flowers/rangolis/diyas etc)


J) Sponsors

  1. Sponsor banners to be put up outside the performance venue (COLLECT BANNER from SPIC MACAY)
  2. Sponsor may want a desk outside the venue for display
  3. Sponsor names to be acknowledged as part of the compere speech before and after the concert

K) Compere speech

  1. Welcome audience
  2. The Mumbai chapter of SPIC MACAY
  3. About SPIC MACAY

“SPIC MACAY or Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth was founded in 1977. It is a voluntary, apolitical, participatory student movement which aims to enrich the education process by exposing students to the rich cultural traditions of India.

SPIC MACAY has more than 150 chapters, both in Indiaand abroad and it organises more than a 1000 programmes every year in schools and colleges.”

  1. About the artists

main artist and accompanists
main artists - a brief profile
senior accompanist - very brief profile
junior accompanist - very brief profile
on the tanpura are xxx and yyy

  1. Acknowledgement to sponsors :

“We thank our sponsors, xxx for the kind support that they have extended to SPIC MACAY and it is with their support that we are organizing Fest 2006”

  1. Instructions to audience :

Please switch off your mobile phones
Please do not use any flash photography
Please do not leave while an item is in progress