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Hindustani Classical Vocalist Meenal Deshpande to perform
 In 45th Pratahswar Concert, at Open Foyer Ravindra Natya Mandir

Tata Capital presents “Pratahswar”, organized by Pancham Nishad in association with Pu. La. Deshpande Maharashtra Kala Academy on 4th March 2012, from 6.30 am at the Open Foyer, Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi. This is the 45th concert in the Morning Raga Series featuring Eminent Vocalist Meenal Deshpande.  Entry to the concert is free.

“Pratahswar” a monthly morning concert series of Indian Classical Music, features youngsters and seniors. This concert is presented every month from October to May (next) each year.This month’s Pratahswar will feature well known Hindustani Classical Vocalist Meenal DeshpandeShe will be accompanied on Tabla by Veteran percussionist Omkar Gulwady and Siddhesh Bicholkar on Harmonium. Gifted with melodious and resonant voice. She has performed in many prestigious concerts in India.Initially she was trained in the paluskarite tradition by Pune based vocalist Vithalrao Ghate. But later on she embraced the Jaipur Atrauli Gharana Style and trained under the able Guidance of Gansaraswati Kishori Amonkar and eminent late Vocalist Ratnakar Pai of Jaipur Atrauli Gharana.

Having a passion for teaching music, she has conducted several Lec-Dems and workshops on many aspects of music such as khayal-Gayaki, Thumri-Dadra; Gharanas in Music and Applied Aesthetics in Music, etc. She has also presented research papers in academic conferences on music. Currently she is an adjunct Faculty with the Department of Music, Mumbai University
Pratahswar is considered as a “Brand Event” in the world of Indian Classical Music having built up a loyal audience of 700 at 6:30 am in the morning.

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