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[UPDATED ON 13th February 2012]

Guide lines for State-Chapter coordinators/Senior volunteers/Teachers

  • As mentioned in the Registration forms the PARTICIPATION should be 50% of Schoolstudents and 50% of College students. The chapter/state quota should have more college students eventually becoming Volunteers in the future.

  • Also we highly recommend that the school students are from 9th Standard and above.

  • The restriction on the numbers , 1 teacher + 5 children from school and 1 teacher + 10 students from college, is to involve more INSTITUTIONS i.e. more sub chapters from each State to become a part of the movement. Involving more institutions from your respective State would lead to the success of the National Convention. We are looking for participation from more than 150 institutions. We recommend 7th standard students and above to attend the convention.

  • State/Chapter coordinators/Teachers should select the right participants for the convention. You are also requested to encourage active SPIC MACAY volunteers to attend the convention. Also, chapter wise ORIENTATION regarding National Convention DO’s and DON’T’s for all participants must be conducted.

  • State/Chapter coordinators/Teachers should ensure that each participant chooses the right intensive by researching about the respective “GURU” and the art form. Also encourage them to make posters, write ups on their respective GURUS.

  • State/Chapter coordinators/Teachers are to ensure that participants from each their respective institution/chapter ATTEND all events, especially attend the morning yoga session and the evening concerts, with good behaviour.

  • State/Chapter coordinators/Teachers are to instruct all participants not to bring any electronic gadgets – mobile, camera, ipods etc. Any phone calls from the parents/relatives of participants should be routed through the respective teacher/coordinator of the particular chapter.

Guidelines for Volunteers/Participants

Accommodation will be provided in our institute’s hostels for all participants, and everyone is expected to make good use of the same. Arrangement for outside accommodation can be made on request.
  • Once you have chosen/been allotted an intensive, you are expected to adhere to it for all 5 days.
  • The participants are expected to attend all the events scheduled during the Convention.
  • In every concert, participants should stay fully involved and leave the hall only after the artists exit the stage.
  • The classical overnight concerts are intended to create an elevating experience, and everyone is advised not to miss/sleep through the same.

Registration Process

  • There are two types of forms. An individual form, if you are registering independently. Institute forms for schools and colleges registering as a group.
  • Registration forms are sent to the state coordinators as well as the other coordinators through post and/or email. The registration forms, both individual and institute wise, will be made available on our website (http://spicmacay-karnataka.org) and the national website (http://spicmacay.com).
  • The registration forms can be downloaded from the above sites. Participants need to print the same, fill it and send it to their respective State Coordinators.
  • The institute registering participants via the institute wise form need not fill the individual forms for their students.
  • Any requests for getting additional participants than the number allotted should be conveyed to the organizing committee directly.
Click to download  or 
The contact details of the state coordinators can be found here 

Online Registration Process :

  • Both the forms can be filled online.
  • On submitting the form online, a PDF will be generated. Download the PDF and keep a printed copy of it with you, which you need to carry with you to the convention.
  • The details of the participants who have registered online, shall be communicated to the State Coordinator.
  • A confirmatory email shall be sent to the participants who have been selected for the National Convention.
The Online Individual Registration Form can be filled from HERE.
The Online Institute Registration Forms:
College Registration form
School  Registration form


  • February 15th - Last date for institutes and individuals to send completed registration forms to State Coordinators
  • February 20th - Last date for State Coordinators to post the selected volunteers to the NatCon team
  • March 10th - Extended deadline for states that have not been able to fill the assigned volunteer limit to complete the registration process and post it to the NatCon team

The Schedule of Trains and Flight to Mangalore is attached HERE.

Here is a clear flowchart about the registration process for NatCon 2012 :

Please Post all your correspondence to the following address.
SPIC MACAY Mangalore
C/o Prof. SG Mayya,
Applied Mechanics Department,
NITK Surathkal, Mangalore,
Dakshin Kannada, Karnataka 575025.
For further queries regarding the registration process, kindly get in touch with:
Tushar Suresh
Coordinator | National Convention 2012
+91-9743703737 | natcon@spicmacay-karnataka.org