National School Intensive- 2011 in Pune

Dear State Coordinator,

In keeping with its annual tradition, SPIC MACAY is organising the National School Intensive 2011 between 24th and 30th December, 2011 at Delhi Public School, Pune. This national-level event will draw around 300 school students from all over the country who will get a feel of an ashram-like environment during their six-day stay on the campus. Several activities in different modules like Classical Music, Classical Dance, Folk Music and Dance, Theater, Cinema, Painting, Literature, etc will be part of this Intensive, conducted by masters from different fields. The Intensive will have performances, presentations, talks etc. of these maestros. Besides, there will be many workshops on different art forms and aspects of Indian culture. Students can enrich themselves about the diverse aspects of the Indian art and culture through close interaction with the great personalities who will grace the occasion.

DPS Pune is the second initiative of the Takshila Education Society and the DPS Society. It opened its portals in 2003 and in barely six years it has come to be recognized as one of the leading K-12 educational institutions in India. It is spread over several acres in in Village Mohammadwadi, Nyati Estate, Pune. The campus contains well-lit airy classrooms, outdoor theatre, swimming pools, cafeteria, spacious courtyards for indoor games, and beautifully landscaped lawns. The school campus is eco-friendly with waste recycling plant which produces paper from waste for internal consumption. Health, Physical Education, Visual and Performing arts form an integral part of the syllabi, aimed at holistic development of the students. DPS is located to the south-eastern end of Pune, about 13 km from the railway station, near the Cantonment area of Pune. It can be reached by buses from Hadapsar.

DPS Pune can accommodate a total of 330 outstation delegates. Based on this, it has been decided that each school that wishes to participate can send only 4 students (from classes 6-12) accompanied by 1 teacher to Pune for the Programme. This means that a total of 66 schools can come from around the nation. Based on this constraint, we have created quotas of maximum participation from each state (based on activity during the previous year), that is listed at the end of this mail. It is the responsibility of the respective state coordinators to ensure that the required number of schools register from their state, ensuring registration on a first come first served basis. We are doing this because we want children from all over the country to have this opportunity, so please cooperate with our planning.

An invitation letter from Mrs. Neelam Chakravarthy, Principal of DPS Pune, is attached, as is a registration form and poster. We request you to circulate these amongst all chapters and schools in your area.Please ask schools fill the registration form as indicated, providing the required contact details and verification by the head of the institution. Please send these in by post to DPS Pune at the earliest. The last date for receipt of the completed registration form is November 15th. Registrants will be taken on a first come first served basis. As part of the registration, please give us an idea of your travel plans to and from Pune, so that we can make arrangements to pick up delegates from the station and bring them to DPS. Delegates need to arrive by the morning of the 24th, and leave after the 30th afternoon.

We urge you to make sure that the students who are selected are sufficiently motivated and interested in the varied aspects of our culture and heritage, so that they can get the full benefit of the week-long programme. We understand that our logistical restrictions will deny many worthy students a chance to attend, but we ask that you cooperate with us in making this programme a success.For any questions, you can contact the undersigned. We will keep you updated with further developments.Max No. of Participating Schools from each state, based on activity chart of 2010-2011.

Andhra Pradesh    4
Bihar    2
Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab    3
Chattisgarh    1
Delhi    8
Gujarat    4
Harayana    1
Jharkand    1
Karnataka    4
Kerala    5
Madhya Pradesh    9
Maharastra    3
North East    4
Odisha    1
Rajasthan    7
Tamilnadu    1
Uttar Pradesh    5
Uttarakhand    2
West Bengal    1

Thanking You,
Siddharth B.I.
SPIC MACAY Pune Chapter
Ph. 9767180654 
You may also contact Gagan - 9730985326 - gagan.banodha@gmail.com