In the fist of the mist of Mount Abu arrived one of the finest photographers of India, Anil Gaba, the wondering minstrel of the lens, under the aegis of SPICMACY Mount Abu! Born in a small village in Jullandhar now settled at Delhi, Anil has produced few of the most excellent pictures, round the globe, both in wildlife and in fashion genre and landscape too. 

It was at St. Mary’s High School where he presented his work. Rather poetically, he led the mesmerized camera enthusiasts of the schools and others, like the president of Rotary and the President of Hotel Association, Mr. Kashyap Jani and other denizens of the petite hill resort, savoring the gist of the mist with it.
The amazing short pictorial journey took the awed audience through the majestic gate of Alwar Fort, meandering through unbeaten paths, treaded by various birds, lizards in their incredible activities and habitats.  The graphic journey meandered to the habitat of the big cats. Indeed, the king of the jungle, the Tiger was there in all its glory, in the finest tradition of compassionate wildlife photography, highlighting the other trait of the king – innocence – the lipid eyes, doleful expression all in relaxed trance!

The charlotte of the presentation was the sequence of a leopard’s pictures. Wow, it took the breath out of all!   There was the leopard heading towards the photographer leisurely, least concerned of any human presence. The colleague of the shutter-master prodded him to scram!  In care-too-hoot manner the leopard virtually reached an arm distant of the camera. Lens-man was glued to the view finder. Transfixed, he was steadily capturing the oncoming leopard. The spotted cat reached so very close that it was nudging the right thigh of the lens-man, caressing it with his furred body! Before they could know what was next, it turned, patted his right arm with its tale and went away into the deep green. The force of the gentle tap was enough to shake the arm with 5 kilo camera, with its paraphernalia! The much traveled photographer could not remember any encounter like the one with the leopard throughout his 35 years of life with the camera, trotting round the globe! Just for numbers he has been to Leh 60 times, Siachin three times and Mansarovar twice while his forays both to west and East have been innumerable times with people right form his Late Sunil Dutt to Prince of Wales, Prince Charles!

Dr. A. K. Sharma"
Ekant"Shivaji Marg
Mount Abu - 3075019414153221