Follow up for Vision-2020

Dear Central State Facilitators & State Coordinators,
Namaskar !!!

Academic year 2010-11 saw a substantial increase of 3169 activities in different places in the country and abroad. We reached about 20 lakh students of the country out of 217, 913, 767 students enrolled in the Indian educational institutions, which forms 1.08%. Reaching 20 lakh students through a voluntary set up is an outstanding achievement. With the recent Visioning Exercise, which gave Vision 2020 of reaching to every child of this country, we are focussed on increasing the programs by ten folds. Increasing the programs 10 times must also increase the outreach by 10 times. Hence we would have to reach 2,17,91,376 students to increase our reach by 10%. Many feel that it is an over-ambitious attempt for a voluntary movement. Few also feel that in the process, we may dilute the content. But I feel that we should not ever question the value of volunteers. Noah's Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals. Over the past 34 years SPIC MACAY has grown only on the voluntary support. We have always kept moving ahead focussed on our goals when there was no support, what we are getting today. And gradually we have succeeded in reaching to many places, many institutions, and lakhs of students

To attain Vision 2020, we would require meticulous planning and systematic approach. To reach more students, we will have to cover more places and more  institutions. This is possible if we target the group schools like Kendriya Vidyalayas, Navodaya Vidyalayas, DPS, DAV, CBSE Schools, etc. Also we can focus on the government schools which form a major chunk. We have already sent the letters to the Chief Ministers and Education Secretaries of the states to help us in our mission. We will have to follow up with their respective offices. The Education Secretaries can help us in getting a great break through facilitating us reach the government schools. We have also met Ms. Anshu Vaish, Secretary in the Department of School Education and Literacy in the Human Resource Development Ministry and she agreed to brief the Education Secretaries of the states accordingly. We need to coordinate at the state level and seek their cooperation. 

We have sent the letters to CMs and Education Secretaries of all the states. The copies of the same have been couriers and also mailed to State and Chapter Coordinators. We need to fix up the meeting with CM and Education Secretary and take this forward. We should be able to get this done by mid - August so that we conduct the programs in all the government schools and colleges. We have a short time with a big goal. Hence we need to hurry up with the follow up. You may like to take the copy of the letters sent to you for the reference during the meeting. For any further assistance please feel free to contact me.

Vijay Sethi
Admin & Database Coordinator 
SPIC MACAY- Resource Centre
Ph: 011-23323826