World Dance Series-2011:-Artiste Schedule

As per news given by Mr. Ashok Jain ,Artiste Coordinator,Rajasthan ,we are having one short list of those artiste who will be in our World Dance Series-2011.These concerts will be in April month.If you are interested to have some of these artistes for Institutional Programs.Please do contact us.We are planning that all classical dances should be in this World Dance Series.

Artistes are

  1. 18-22 APRIL-Vidushi Ashwini Bhide Deshpandey-industani Classical Vocal                       
  2. 20-28 APRIL-Dr. Dipti Omcheri Bhalla-Mohiniattam
  3. 10-15 April-Shree Kewalya Kumar-Hindustani Classical Vocal
  4. 19-28 April-Kapila Venu-Kudiyattam Dance
  5. 15-22 April-Ms.Kala Ramnath-Voilin
  6. 22-29 April-Ms. Gauri Diwakar-Kathak(tentetive)
  7. 22-29 April-Ms.Monisa Nayak-Kathak(tentative)
Very soon full list will be published here........................