Workshops and Intensives at National Convention, IIT Kanpur 01-06 June 2010

This is in reference to the forthcoming Silver Jubilee National Convention at IIT, Kanpur from 01 June to 06 June 2010.  As you all aware, the National Convention includes Workshops and Intensives as an integral part of our effort to create an awareness of our rich heritage amongst the youth and also to provide close interactions with Gurus. 

The volunteers at IIT Kanpur have been working hard over the past few months, in particular, and also have been sending updates through their NatCon Newsletter.  Based on the 16 May 2010 newsletter (3-4), the list of intensives and Crafts Workshop and Crafts Mela has been mentioned.

A brief note on the workshops and intensives module is also given below which may be helpful for those attending the National Convention at IIT Kanpur and also for arranging this module during the VIRASAT 2010 series.

List of Intensives

Us. Abdul Rashid Khan (Vocal)
Swami Dhirendracharya (Hatha Yoga)
Us.Fariduddin Dagar (Dhrupad)
Sh. Ram Kailas (Biraha)
Sh. J. Gurappa Chetty (Kalamkari)
Guru Gangadhar Pradhan (Gotipua)
Guru Mayadhar Raut (Odissi)
Sh. Munna Shukla (Kathak)
Sh. Margi Madhu (Koodiyattam)
Dr. Kamlesh Dutt Tripathi (Writer)
Smt. Karuna Chitrakar (Patua Painting)
Guru Ghanakanta Bora (Sattriya)

The participants will be allowed to choose the intensive they wish to participate during the registration. Some of
the intensives attract large numbers. While we wish we could accommodate your choice, infrastructure limita-
tions and capping from the Guru would decide the final number. The organizing committee will reserve the right
to reassign the participants to different intensives if the numbers exceed the maximum limit. Intensive wise list
of participants will be put up near the dining halls on the 2nd morning. We seek your cooperation in this regard.

Crafts Workshop and Crafts Mela

This NATCON will also host a Crafts workshop and Crafts Mela from the 2nd to 5th June, 2010. This event is spon-
sored by the Development Commissioner, Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The following
artists are expected to participate in the NATCON. The instructions for how to participate in these workshops will
be provided during the registration.

Jamini Peyeng (Artistic Weaving) Jorhat, Assam
Mohd Yusuf (Bagh Block Print) Dhar, MP
Kala Raksha Kendra (Kutch Embroidery) Bhuj, Gujarat
Mohan (Paper cutting art ) Mathura, UP
G. Sambaiya (Telia Rumal) Hyderabad, AP
Rehana Begum (Chikan Embroidery) Lucknow, UP
Sandur Kala Kendra (Embroidery) Bellary , Karnataka
Sardar Hussain (Wood Carving) Pilkhuwa, UP
Jaiprakash (Miniature Painting) Delhi
Sadhna Sewa Kendra (Applique Embroidery)Udaipur, Rajasthan
Ram Kishore Chippa (Bagru Block Printing) Jaipur,
Amit Dhawan (Wood Inlay) Delhi
Om Prakash (Mooj Grass Crafts) Badhoi, UP
Bhubnesh Prasad (Terracota) Delhi
Riyaz Ahmed (Kashmir Paper Machie)Srinagar, J&K
Mohd Matloob (Wood Carving) Delhi
Meera Thakur (Sikki Grass) Chandigarh
Badshah Mian (Lehriya Klim Technique)Jaipur, Rajasthan
Narendra Karna (Paper Machie / Painting) Delhi
Ambika Devi (Madhubani Painting) Madhubani, Bihar
Lajwanti (Phulkari Embroidery) Patiala, Punjab
Subrata Chakravarty (Bamboo Crafts) Agartala


With the academic calendar in educational institutions completing another year, and as the VIRASAT 2010 series commences in July, we may explore the opportunities to hold workshops and intensives to inspire the young students by our 'Gurus' and their disciples.

As SPIC MACAY continues to bring all that is inspiring, subtle, abstract and most importantly mystical into the lives of young people all over India and abroad, various activities like Lecture - Demonstrations, Concerts, Folk arts, Yoga, Films,Talks, Workshops and Intensives, etc. will be organized throughout the year in the VIRASAT and  during the FEST series in educational institutions.

The aim of the Workshops and Intensives module is to provide the young children (special emphasis may be given to students from class 1 to 4) the opportunity of close interaction with 'gurus'(eminent personalities who have devoted an entire lifetime solely to a form of art they were born to serve) and their disciples offering an experience unique and rare, emotionally enriching and spiritually elevating, resulting in the children's ability to imbibe values of being a finer person from great masters.
Ideally speaking, the focus needs to be on Intensives which may be organized for at least a duration of 7 days where the 'Guru' resides on the campus of the educational institution where the children do not only learn the particular artform but gets an opportunity to get 'Inspired' which is possible when a close interaction is made possible between the students and the 'Guru'. At the same time, Workshops can also be organized which may be of at least 3 days and the students get a chance to learn a particular artform. A focused activity in this direction in the form of a National School Intensive is taking shape.

The SPIC MACAY National School Intensives (an experience of our VIRASAT through the Ashram way of life) are an attempt to bring the ashram life to the student. Children attending the Intensives will do Yoga and Meditation from 4-7 a.m.,have holistic food, do shramdaan, hear talks and attend workshops by inspiring artists of Indian Classical Music and Dance,and yoga-charyas, watch film classics and witness performances by top artistes of our country for five days. This also includes a full night of classical music by some great musicians. It will give them an experience of staying in the proximity of great masters in different areas of human endeavour, learning from them, and watching them perform. This experience may enrich the lives of many young children.

Another focused activity of SPIC MACAY is our Gurukul Scholarship scheme where a young student gets an opportunity to stay with a Guru for a period of one month. The Gurukul scholarship is for those young persons who are keen about the process of learning. While it would serve best to those pupils who are already into the discipline of the Guru, e.g. a singer staying with a Dhrupad vocalist maestro or one who paints staying with an artiste, it would also serve those who have shown talent in one field but have interest in a different yet allied art-form. For example a young theater enthusiast may learn from a Pandwani singer or a master of puppetry and improve his theatrical skills. Similarly someone studying textile engineering has a greater chance of benefiting from Zardozi or Chanderi weaver than some one into medicine or law. Still more, a student may further benefit who has already attended a workshop or intensive. (For details on the Gurukul Scholarship, you may contact the Gurukul Scholarship National Coordinator Shri Harsh Narayan -Mobile 93502-32053 (harshnarayan@yahoo.com or spicmacaysch@gmail.com.)

With the VIRASAT and FEST series comprising of programmes in the area of Indian Classical Music and Dance, Talks, Walks, Folk, Yoga, Films,etc. alongwith ample number of workshops and intensives which may be uniformly organized over the country (or even state), it continues to benefit those candidates who have attended our programmes.

Further, if the same student can be motivated to be a part of the Gurukul Scholarship Scheme, we may possibly see a transformed Inspired human being!

Please feel free to contact me for any assistance.


Neal Jain
National Coordinator --- Workshops and Intensives

46 Padmavati Colony,
Behind St. Paul High School,
Indore (MP) 452001
(R) 0731- 2491720
(M) 98260-13895