4000 संगीत अध्यापकों की जरुरत है.....

 MHRD-SPIC MACAY Partnership

Ministry of Human Resource Development (Department of School Education & Literacy ) has decide to introduce the Indian Classical Music (Vocal & Instrumental) as the part of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum at the primary and secondary levels through out the country.

SPIC MACAY is privileged to be the part of the entire process at different stages. To begin with, it has been decided to compile a data base of at least 3000 to 4000 competent Indian classical music (vocal & instrumental) willing to teach music to the children at the different CBSE affiliated schools.

It needs no overemphasis that this herculean task can only be accomplished with whole hearted support of numerous volunteers and well wishers of SPIC MACAY .

May I therefore, request you to give vide publicity and request the suitable teacher to mail their bio data to sm.musicteaher@gmail.com or post it the registered office by 30 May 2010 positively:-
41/42 Lucknow Road
Delhi 110054

After the data of music teachers is complied, we intend approaching the concerned authorities at the ministry for consultations .

Will keep you periodically updated of the further developments.
With best wishes

Sent By
Ricky Srivastava
Commander (Retd)
Indian Navy


आकाशवाणी ,स्पिक मैके और अध्यापन से जुड़ाव