ध्रुपद गायिका सोमबाला कुमार चित्तौडगढ में

              WORLD DANCE SERIES-2010 
स्पिक मैके के द्वारा आयोजित कार्यक्रम के लिए मध्य प्रदेश की मूल रूप से रहने वाली बहुत मेहनती और सादी कलागुरु  सोमबाला जी चित्तौडगढ में १५ अप्रेल को अपना गायन  प्रस्तुत करेंगी. इनके साथ मृदंगमपर साथ देंगे श्री प्रथ्वीश कुमार

You are Most Welcome to this
Innagural Concert of
Bhajans and Meditation

Date-15 April
Program Venue-Alakh Studies,
Gandhi Nagar,Chittorgarh
Time-7 PM

प्रस्तुत है उनके बारे छोटी सी जानकारी 
            Born in a family of music lovers of Khandawa (M.P.), Smt. Sombala had her initial training of Classical Music under the able guidance of Shri M.D. Raje and Shri M.K.Kwathekar of Khandawa. Having completed her Master Degree in Classical Music from Dr. Hari Singh Gaur University, Sagar (M.P.), She was awarded a scholarship for four years by Ustad Allaudin Khan Sangeet Academy, Bhopal to learn Dhrupad. With this she was privileged to undergo an in-depth and vigorous training under the world renowned drupad maestro Ud. Zia Fariduddin Dagar, a singer of 19th generation in the dynasty of Dagar Gharana. Where she couldimbibe in her all the intricacies of Dhrupad style of singing, especially maintained by the dagar gharana. Occasionally she also received special guidance from globally famous veena maestro late Ud. Zia Mohiuddin Dagar of the same dynasty. She continued her training with the help of three years National Schgolarship of Govt. of India.

With her rigorous practice and extra-ordinary brilliance she soon developed into a competent lady Dhrupad singer of the country. She has a gifted and sonorous voice that absolutely captivates the listeners. Her style of singing dhrupad in though conventional in technique but highly individual in spirit.

Since last 20 yrs she has been performing at almost all the major music festivals of India and got immense acclamation from music lovers, connoisseurs, critics, press and media persons.

Music concerts performed:

            Tansen Samaroh-Gawalior, Swami Haridas Samaroh-Mumbai, Baba Harvallav Music Conference-Jalandhar, Dhrupad Samaroh, Yuva Mahila Sangeet SAmaroh, Aarambha of Anhad Bharat Bhawan-Bhopal, Kumar Gandharva Smriti Samaroh-Devas, ABC Art Gallary-Banaras, NCPA-Mumbai, Nehru Canter-Mumbai, Dhrupad Samaroh-Jaipur, Mahfil of MGM Academy-Aurangabad, Abhinav Kala Samaj-Indore, Bhagwan Das Smriti Samaroh-Lucknow, Barsi-1996 & 2000 YB Chowhan Pratishthan-Mumbai, Dhrupad SAmaroh-Patna, (NCZCC Allahabad) Spic Macay's National Festival VIRASAT 1999 & 2001, Music Festivals 2001 Neomach (Allauddin Khan Sangeet Academy-Bhopal) Nandan Smriti Samaroh-Banglore, Basantic Smriti Samaroh-Khandawa, Spic Macay's Fetivals-2003,2004,2005 a wonderful Jugalbandi with Carnatic  Vocal in Pondichery on 24th sep. 2005 , Late Pt. Parwat Singh Smriti Samaroh- Rajghat, New Delhi2005, Late Bageshwari Devi Smriti Samaroh-Varanasi 2006, Music Conference at PSK Auditorium, New Delhi 2006, SPIC MACAY"S Virasat Series Rajasthan State circuit 2006, music Conference ONGC Auditorium Barodara (Guj.) 2006, Jalsa Kacheri by Ninad and Baniyan tree Mumbai 2006, Ustad Rajab Ali  and Ustad Amanat Ali Smriti Samaroh – M.P dewas 2007, SPIC MACAY'SVirasat Series M.P  State circuit 2007, Rajkumari Indira Smriti Samaroh, Khairagarh C.G 2008, SPIC MACAY'S Virasat Series M.P State circuit 2008, Chakradhar samaroh raigarh C.G 2008, TRIPRAHAR by Banayan Tree Mumbai at India Habitat Center New Delhi 2008 Spicmacay's fest.2009,state convention [CG] 2009 ,Swaralaya Fest 2009 Palaghat,SURYA FEST 2009 Tiruvananthapuram etc.

Besides her performance she delivered her lecture in a national seminar on dhrupad held at Ravindra Bhawan, Patna organized by NCZCC Allahabad on 24th sep. 2000, Lec-Dem on Dhrupad on 28th Feb. & 24th Dec. 1999, organized by MGM Academy Aurangabad. Under the scheme of UGC Music University, Khairagarh invited her to deliver four lec-dems on 9th & 10th Feb. 2004. she was invited as the Resource person in Refresher Course held in 1999 & 2000 at I.K.S. University, Khairagarh. She was invited by Guru Nanak Deo University, Amritsar as the resource person in Refresher Course held in Dec. 2002. Under her supervision many workshops were delivered, namely worshop on dhrupad on 11th-20th April 2002 (MGM Academy Aurangabad), workshop on dhrupad at jaipur on 21st-27th April 2003 (Spic Macay)  workshop on dhrupad at Gadepan, Kota (Raj.) sponsored by CFCL on 2nd-8th May 2005 etc.

She was invited as visiting professor in 1998 to impart training of dhrupad to the students of Indira Kala Sangeet University, Khairagarh and worked as visiting fellow and visiting professor.

She was given music direction in KABIRA, a music drama, written by Shri Bhishma Sahani a noted dramam & story writer of India. The said drama was staged at various cities of country and was highly appreciated.

Recently her music album is likely to be released by Ninad Music Company Mumbai.

Regards Manik for SPIC MACAY,Chittorgarh