Profile of Satya Narayan Joshi

Satya Narayan Joshi is a man of simple living from such historical place like Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. He is known as S.N. Joshi in the field of folk arts. In age of 5 years he is trying his best for transformation of traditional art form in present generation successfully through training and workshops. He is not a very popular painter of Phad Painting but a man of having values through his art form. He born in June,1960 in Chittorgarh. He is belongs with dedicated Joshi Family which is known for its traditional and contemporary work in Phad painting. The origin of Joshi Gharana is Shahpura (Bhilwara).

Phad Chitrakari is one of the oldest art forms of South Rajasthan. This art is having its own glorious history. Phad Waachan is also associated art with these paintings. Besides having many jobs S.N. Joshi had started working in this field again after a log period. He learnt this education in a family atmosphere under guidance of his father Late Moti Lal Joshi. Partly he is in touch with his uncle Padmashree Shree Lal Joshi who is well known devoted personality for Phad Painting.

Mr. Joshi is perfect in all types of Lok Dewataa’s Phad Paintings like Pabu Ji, Ram Dev Ji, Tejaji Ji, Krishna Dala-Ram Dala Ji, Dev Narayan Ji, Dunga Ji-Jawahar Ji, Gogaji. He has good experience in his art form. Very down to earth Mr. Joshi had traveled many places for promotion of Phad Chitrakari during last five years. Their son Dilip Kumar Joshi (Elder) and Mukesh Joshi (Younger) is also taking training of Phad and doing very good in their guidance.

He had organized many exhibitions with help of some NGO’s and Govt. bodies, like SPIC MACAY, Meera Smriti Sansthan, Aakriti Kala Sansthan, Nagar Palika, Chittorgarh. He got opportunity to perform in National Convention of SPIC MACAY in Kohima University, Nagaland. Besides this he had traveled Alwar, Bikaner, Kota, Jhansi, Hoshangabad, Katni, Nagpur, Guna, Gwaliyer, Shivpuri, Jammu Univeristy, Cuttuck, IIT, Kanpur, Riwa, Bhopal, Datiya,Nimbaheda,Uadipur,Hanumangarh etc.

He is also god communicator for Phad Wachan with Bhopa Bhopi Group. He had done one big demonstration in Harda, Madhya Pradesh for Lok Dewta Dev Narayan Ji .Mr. Joshi had made possible first Phad Panting on great poet Meera in year 2010. First peace was bought by Meera Smriti Sansthan, Chittorgarh and second peace was placed in All India Radio, Chittorgarh. Sometimes he also works for clothe painting, painting work on sari, Collage painting, Paintings on pots, wall paintings in marriages. Painting for Ganesh Pujan, Maata Ji Pujan, Gangaur Pujan are also other dimensions by S.N.Joshi.